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Mortal Minds

A biology of the soul and the dying experience

G.M. Woerlee

Dying is the last conscious experience undergone by each person. But what do the dying experience? Does the conscious mind somehow continue to exist after the body has passed away? Mortal Minds answers these questions. It does this by explaining how the functioning of the human body can generate a belief in the reality of the supernatural. It explains how the functioning of the human body can arouse a belief in an immaterial life after death. It also explains how the functioning of the human body determines the last conscious experiences undergone by the dying. Such insights enable true understanding and acceptance of the ultimate fate awaiting everyone. Furthermore, these same insights also provide a true foundation for philosophies freeing each person from the chains of ancient beliefs and superstitions.
The author is a practical physician with more than twenty years experience as an anaesthesiologist in university and peripheral hospitals. He has long been involved in teaching, and is author of two textbooks in anaesthesiology. Mortal Minds is the product of many years of fascination with the ways human body function affects anaesthesia and bodily survival.

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