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Humanistics Library International Humanist and Ethical Union 1952-2002

1952-2002 Past, present and future

B. Gasenbeek, B. Gogineni (redactie)

In 1952 at a congress presided over by Sir Julian Huxley,
and with participation from several major thinkers and
activists, the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU),
an international umbrella organization for humanists,
rationalists, secularists, ethical culturists, agnostics and
atheists, was founded in Amsterdam.

What has the IHEU achieved in the past fifty years? How is the
experiment of federating nearly a hundred organizations from
thirty-seven countries progressing? In what way is humanism of
relevance to the modern day world? What are the humanist
perspectives for the future? What does humanism have to offer
in the modern globalizing world?

This 50th anniversary publication brings together a brief
history of the IHEU, and thoughts and reflections on the future
of organized humanism and the international humanist movement.

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